Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

For the past few decades, mobile app development found its place in the market and become a popular industry. The increasing population of mobile users, allows mobile application development companies to have access to potential consumers. From the perspective of business owners, this is a good chance for you to extend to your target audience by making sure that your site is user-oriented. All you have to do is to create an efficient and useful app. Afterward, win all the benefits of your labor.

Get the best mobile application development company in Mumbai

Do you have an idea in mind? We are an app development team of innumerable proficient professionals that are equipped in transforming your idea into a feature-packed & secure mobile application. From the preliminary stages until the mobile app development, our team develops and designs tailor-made services provided by a mobile app development company in Mumbai, India. Want to start our first-ever project?

At Beedev, we build cross-platform and native mobile apps with ultramodern feature integration established on AI, Virtual Reality, Chatbot, Augmented Reality, IoT, and many more. If you choose to collaborate with us, you get a reliable brand with 101% client satisfaction, extensive experience, ease of mind, and India’s top-rated mobile app development team.

Secure, Scalable, and Sustainable Mobile App Development Services

Our android & iOS app development company in Mumbai has a team of iOS developers equipped with extensive knowledge and deep experience in providing apps in utilising iPads and iPhones for diverse business requirements grazing from start-ups to major companies. Rest assured that we tailor-made our distinct framework for iOS app development which guarantees end-to-end custom products for various Apple devices.

iOS/ iPhone App Development : We offer end-to-end iOS app development services for Apple mobile devices. This is the best option for building safe and scalable online solutions.

Android App Development : The process involves creating applications specifically for devices with the Android operating system. We have the latest Java programming language features for mobile apps.

Mobile App Development Company in Mumbai with features like

  • Custom UX/UI Design
  • Business Analysis
  • Code Development
  • Inventive Design and Interface Layout
  • Task Management

Regardless of whether you have a thought for your application, or you need us to help you in making an outline for a special and result-driven application, we will assist you with correcting through from ideation to application advancement, dispatch, monetisation, and support. With us you can rest guarantee of getting an item that mirrors your thought or business, interfaces instinctually and rapidly with the intended interest group, is highlight rich, draws in clients, and offers some benefit and upgraded insight.

Mobile App Development Company in Mumbai with Feathers Like

Mumbai is a progressive capital of India wherein prospective organisations choose to settle in the progressive landscape of the city. As a result, futuristic technologies and digital transformation emerge as well as the mobile app development company in Mumbai. In order to help these businesses to figure out the potential of their app, Beedev is established to assist their app idea turn into real success. We intend to operate a systematic app development approach that genuinely complements a particular business niche.

  • Custom iOS and Android apps development
  • Custom UX/UI Design
  • Business Analysis
  • Code Development
  • Automated QA and testing
  • Inventive Design and Interface Layout
  • Task Management
  • Maintenance and post-warranty support

With competency in expanding high-end mobile application development, our team belonging in an android & iOS app development company in Mumbai delivers highly expansive & convenient app development solutions. We offer different services in the development of tailor-made applications for various mobile platforms.

Comprehensive App Development Solutions Using Mobile App Technology Stacks

With affluent experience in android & iOS app development company in Mumbai, India, we also provide qualitative service in business applications, navigating programs in all platforms like Android, iPad, and iPhone, and in development of mobile games.

Internet of Things : It shares the sensor and collected data by connecting to a gateway specific to IoT. Usually, the device communicates with other similar devices and goes along with the information they obtain from each other.

Augmented Reality : An interactive and enhanced version inspired by the real physical world. This is achieved through utilising different digital visual elements.

Wearable Tech : Commonly known as ‘Wearables’, this refers to electronic devices that are embedded in clothing. These devices are utilised to track information in real-time.

Geo Tracking : This efficient technology provides an ability to track the location of a vehicle, person, etc. by acquiring information from their smart devices.

Location Sensing : Consisting of software services that make use of geographic information and data to offer information or services to users. This resource is specifically popular with the best mobile app development company in Mumbai.

Biometric Sensors : An authentication and identification device. This device is automated in recognising or verifying an identity of a person.

Types of Websites we develop

Outsourcing a website builder is the best option there is. Starting and establishing a user-friendly website is quite difficult and debilitating; especially to avoid damaging the reputation of your brand. This is now your chance to hire the top-rated mobile app development company in Mumbai— Beedev.

Healthcare : It features consistent use of vibrant and colorful photography to promote wholesome well-being and excitement. This automatically entices the viewer to trust the information presented on the website.

Retail & eCommerce : Your store should run as a standalone website that allows your customers to do transactions and online payments for the services and products they purchase.

Travel & Tourism : The caliber of your website design is crucial in this type of website and it should be crafted carefully by a mobile application development company. So, it must function well to captivate the visitors.

Education & Elearning : An iOS app development company in Mumbai guarantees to consider placing essential features that must be present on this website.

News, Media & Entertainment : Highlight relevant and current public affairs to capture the interest of the viewers. Aside from this, it should also include easy-to-navigate features to encourage the visitors to explore.

Logistics & Transportations : Companies that provide freight forwarding services should heavily reflect on their website.

Publishing Advertising : This comprises business, community, and personal websites along with blogs and e-books. It should also highlight the services provided by this particular web page.

Insurance & Finance : By highlighting the maximum security, Chatbot customer support, and other unique features establish a sense of trust from the brand to its potential and dedicated customers.

Mobile App Development Process

  • Customer Interview : Enables the company to communicate to the people that potentially buy your product or service. It’s a great way to ask what they need.
  • Scope Analysis : A necessary process to produce your product or finish a project. By recognising and identifying various variables of a project through this method, your company can save a lot of resources.
  • UX & Wireframes : It is used to layout the functionality of a page and content. This is generally utilised during the early stage of the development process by the best mobile app development company in Mumbai.
  • Visualisation : It helps comprehend a wide variety of data. This measures the impact on your business and communicates it to audiences.
  • Implementation : It is the operation of establishing the website per its design. A web implementor crafts Java scripts, hypertext markup language (HTML), applets, or Common Gateway Interface (CGI) project.
  • Optimisation & Polishing : Our in-house designers and developers exert more effort in making sure that the products are properly visualised by the users. It is their main goal for your website to be accessible on mobile and desktop.
  • Testing : This is one of the most important phases for a mobile app development company. It guarantees the product quality and increases its usability.
  • Product Launch : A scheduled effort to introduce a new service or product to the market landscape. The main objective is to raise awareness about the newly added goods in your brand
  • Maintenance & Support : Any annual updates, fixes, software upgrades, and patches that are necessary to be improved will be handled by our experts. We ensure to improve the functionality of your software.

Why BeeDev is the Best Destination for Mobile App Development?

With our tech-savvy team utilising hi-tech platforms and tools and in-depth experienced computer specialists, Beedev is here to determine the new age of Mobile App Development in Mumbai. Our mobile app and web developers are proficient in a multitude of platforms and technologies such as iOS, Python, ReactJS, AngularJS, Android, Java, and many more. We take pride in offering world-class solutions for your app development. Furthermore, we are glad and proud to make sure that your company will create a significant impact on your industry and in the market.

FAQ about Beedev – Web Application Development

With support services and mobile app maintenance by Beedev, it will always be timely. Being a dedicated android and iOS app development company in Mumbai, our experts will handle all these processes.

According to the technologies used to code them, there are three primary categories of mobile apps:

  • Native apps are designed for a single system or system software.
  • Because they are served through a mobile browser, web applications are dynamic forms of websites that can run on any mobile app or OS.
  • Hybrid applications are hybrids of web and native programs that are contained inside a native app and can have their own logo or be installed through an app store.

We are expanding an excellent team of creative, innovative, and diverse people who are dedicated to establishing a connection between your brand to the customers. Boost your business by collaborating with the best technology partner!

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