Android App Development

Android App Development

Android is approved as the most suitable choice for emerging companies, startups and is highly- recommended by android app developers. With that being said, as the leading development company, Beedev has a solid portfolio that showcases our workmanship and relationship with our wide array of clientele. We have over several years of experience in establishing Android like a canvass to beautifully craft an aesthetic UI/UX, and perform transformative solutions to meet business needs. Therefore, we are the most preferred Android development company in the digital landscape.

Get the best Android App Development Company in Mumbai, India

An android paves way for many benefits and opportunities to developers. Here at Beedev, our expert developers maximise each and every feature of Android to ensure that we deliver world-class and international android development services as the leading Android app development company in Mumbai, India. That heavily explains why we are popularly known by companies as a dependable android application development company.

In addition, we are fully aware that an expert in Java alone is not sufficient to make an all-inclusive Android framework. Our team attracts attention in making the right and creative tweaks to your business needs. Therefore, fitting it to the Android architecture to aid any business obtain their end goals.

As a top-tier Android app development company in Mumbai, India, it’s our company culture to come up with strategic and wholesome strategies in the process of Android app development. These strategies overcome the weak points of the common Java frame to have a seamless and faster application.

Furthermore, the QA team makes sure that speed is consistent among all devices. So users have efficient, fast, and usable devices anytime and anywhere. Hiring our team of experts makes a difference for your enterprise.

Our Android App Development Services We Provide

We are a team consisting of certified experts, talented, and have extensive knowledge in the latest android applications. From various multiple perspectives, they work their creativity to breathe life into them. Customising and modifying UI/UX, comparing quality benchmarks, and ensuring multi-platform compatibility are only a few of the projects we always handle. As the best Android app development company, our approach to the Android process from end-to-end provide you these superb services:

Android App UI/UX : Accuracy serves as the magnetic force that brings users closer and closer to an Android application. Our team of Android app developers is adept in creating simple and clear interfaces for android apps.

Android Web-Apps : Deliver swift transformation in your workspace along with android web apps. Easy to install and use, it makes things better work for you. Discuss your business management issues with the best mobile app development company now.

Android App Consulting : Discuss with our effective team of consultants to select the best option to revive your business and app. We strive to bring world-class solutions to your simple to complex issues.

Custom Android Apps : Acquire easy-to-launch, easy-to-scale tailor-made solutions for a fast change in your enterprise’s performance. We stand unique in terms of fast and immediate results in delivering quality android app development services.

Support and Maintenance : We bring support services for different android applications to maintain stay up-to-date. From small updates to bug fixes, we offer a variety of maintenance services.

Android App Testing : Testing for quality assurance is the utmost priority of a mobile app development company. Beedev develops an Android app that strictly adheres to standardisation checks and proceeds to intensive testing utilisation cases.

BeeDev standard Android App Development Process

Understanding Requirements : An establishing foundation for scope, vision, schedule, and cost. We intend to target finished product performance and quality.

Wireframing and Designing : An important step in the screen design process as it primarily allows the developers to define the information structure of an app design. Thus, easier to plan the layout, and customise to your needs.

Development : This solely focuses on the deep work conducted to develop a website for the digital landscape. Our Android app developers are proficient in creating simple to complex social network services, web applications, and electronic businesses.

Real-time User Testing : The goal of usability testing is to inspect if the design is intuitive and usable enough for users to complete their goals. Hence, allowing to spot weak points and improve it immediately.

Final Launch : App Development Company will launch your website after it has been established and designed. It’s crucial to launch a website as soon as possible as it carries a lot of benefits to your brand.

Key Features of our Android Application Development Services

We are a quality mobile app development company filled with highly-skilled Android developers that help your business to conceptualise, plan, develop, design, and deliver international-grade android apps that are put together to obtain prime time in Google Play Store.

  • UI that is aesthetically appealing.
  • User-friendly design that Android users are familiar with.
  • Consistent design across all Android devices.
  • Simple log-in and registration page.
  • Fast loading speed.
  • Social Media tools integration.
  • Payment Integration.
  • Cloud Computing.
  • User Feedback space.
  • Ability to work in offline mode.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Geolocation (If needed).

Why Choose Android for App Development

We project a business’ services and amenities by maximising an Android app as a leading team of Mobile app developers in Mumbai, India. Furthermore, we prioritise providing our clients the best to exceed their expectations. This is made possible through making use of Android SDK and up-to-date tools.

Fast Deployment : While developing an application, this is utilised by default since it offers minimum time for installation, building, and launching the application. Therefore, distributing android applications swiftly at Google Play Store.

Customizable UI : Its functionality allows the users to customise their online experience by adapting the user interface that fits their preferences. The app developers in Mumbai ensures it increases business productivity.

Scalable & Flexible : With scalability comes flexibility. Featuring the beneficial use of SDK tools, Android apps can survive in a competitive landscape.

High ROI : If you are on a tight budget, do not fret! Even less investment in Android app development brings more opportunities for a higher ROI.

Easy to Develop : Skilled Android app developers have in-depth knowledge and know their way around application development. Using Java, Android is easier to build.

Types of Industries we Cover

Beedev brings together a robust tech stack to power a business’ Android software. We are an app development company primarily established to provide technology solutions that positively impact the business. This is made possible through a structured framework that helps map out the business objectives and the application our clients want to achieve.

Health & Medical

Retail & eCommerce

Travel & Tourism

Education & Elearning


Information Technology

News, Media & Entertainment

Logistics & Transportations

Real State


Why Choose BeeDev for Android app Development Services

The core team at Beedev are tenured App developers in Mumbai, India who are proactive in large-scale technology projects from different industries. Our investments in product development enables us to be at the top of our game ever since we started providing service to various enterprises.

Customer Satisfaction : We thrive on working on the latest technologies and frameworks. This allows us to deliver secure, scalable, new, and user-friendly business solutions as needed.

Agile Procedure : We thrive on working on the Agile methodology and implementing recurrent scrum events. In this way, it’s easier to optimise methods and practices to deliver the finest end results.

Dedicated Team : We consist of passionate, dedicated, and highly-skilled Android app developers. Also, we guarantee to provide you with nothing but the best.

Integrity & Transparency : As a mobile app development company, we respect our client’s vision and ideas. With this, we are transparent with the progress and welcome worthy advice as and when needed.

Flexible Engagement Models : Our team doesn’t work on strict parameters and unwanted rigid. Hence, we provide flexibility to our clients to choose from different hiring and engagement models.

Competitive Pricing : Quality service and top-tier results don’t have to be expensive. We provide an ideal mix of inexpensive rates with the finest quality to our clients.

Why BeeDev is the Best Destination for Android App Development?

Being a well-known app development company in Mumbai, India, Beedev is popularly known for providing up-to-date business needs and providing world-class solutions. All of these are highly achievable at a competitive cost wherever your business is located. We don’t just simply build apps, but we strive to help businesses expand their growth. Our expert Android app developers know their way around crafting and launching Android applications across a wide array of accessories namely Smart TVs, Smartphones, Virtual Reality, and Tablets. As an app development company, we have the technologies and tools for Android which are Gradle, Kotlin, and Android Studio. No wonder companies prefer only the best and most reliable mobile app development companies.

FAQ about Beedev – Web Application Development

Our Android app development team has 3+ years of experience.

For Android app development, we primarily make use of Java, Python, Kotlin, etc. Mostly programming language that suits best for Androids.

Java, Flutter, Python, R Programming, Kotlin, Swift, and React Native is the top mobile app technologies that may be utilised to create a mobile application. Our development team uses Android Studio as a tool. This is an extremely useful tool for Android app creation.

As a team of App developers in Mumbai, India we focus on giving maintenance and porting of Android applications. Therefore, placing ourselves as an all-inclusive Android development service company.

The qualities of the best mobile app development companies should have positive reviews and feedback from their clients, security of the app idea, app designing standards; trusted QA and testing measures, and effective delivery management. All of which are present and cultivated among the team of Beedev.

By outsourcing Beedev, you can reduce project costs, shorten the time to launch your product in the market and enhance product quality.

For cost and everything related to developing an Android App, please contact through the BeeDev website or directly call @+91-9137924411.

For the smaller version of the Android App, it can be taken around 2-3 months, a mid-sized app can take around 3-4 months and a big-sized app might take around 5-6 months.

Yes, our Android app development team will assist you, with how you can easily upload your Android app to the App store.

Why Choose BeeDev for Android App Development Services?

Unrivalled Experience – Once you get associated with us, we intently work to create strong systems and answers for take your application advancement cycle to the following level.

The financial plan Friendly Solutions – Our application originators and designers are profoundly qualified and prepared to convey forefront arrangements that fit your financial plan and needs.

Non-stop Support – We give Android versatile application advancement benefits and complete help by means of email and call so our customers can speak with our specialists all day, every day, request their application progress status and different questions.

We follow a direct Android application improvement method, from coding advancement to testing and conveyance.

Converse with us to know how our ability obliges your undertaking needs!

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