8 Common Mistakes Every PPC Agency in Mumbai Should Avoid


Setting up and maintaining a profitable Google Marketing strategy is much more complicated than it appears at first glance.

Given how much information there is to monitor, it’s no wonder that PPC agencies in Mumbai often make silly mistakes.

Over time, working with a PPC service provider in Mumbai has given us ample opportunity to observe several frequently overlooked errors. A simple oversight, such as failing to use ad extensions or failing to geo-target ads, can have a devastating effect on the success of your advertising campaign.

Fortunately, these errors can be fixed, and best practices can be implemented using PPC management services in Mumbai. Here are several typical PPC mistakes, whether running your promotional activities or having recently assumed responsibility as a PPC agency in Mumbai.

1. Incorrectly using targeted keyword varieties

In PPC services in Mumbai, you can choose from four matches: broad, broad modified, phrase, and exact. Misusing general match search terms is a common newbie mistake when creating campaigns.

Spending can rise rapidly on broad match search queries because of the more significant number of searches that trigger your ads, but they may result in fewer conversions. However, you can have more say about which people search your ads show up for by using phrases and relevant keywords.

However, broad-match keywords have their place, especially when researching new keywords to add to your campaigns. Remember that your PPC agency in Mumbai’s negative keywords rundown is strong enough to avoid spikes in unrelated search queries and utilise them cautiously (we suggest using broad match modified).

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2. Choosing not to use negative keywords

If your PPC service provider in Mumbai will have to pay for each click on your ad, you might as well get the best possible ones. Google has fine-tuned its diverse match forms over the years to make them more robust regarding the keywords they match. This is why you should try to avoid irrelevant ones.

Google will show ads for phrases like “free” and “cheap,” except if you reveal it not. This means that terms like “free” and “cheap” may trigger your ads if you use the word match keyword form on your campaigns.

The best PPC services in Mumbai provide a list of negative keywords to reduce wasted time and increase ROI.

3. Improper keyword-ad copy matching

The average mobile internet user now has a limited attention span compared to a goldfish, so the PPC marketing agency in Mumbai needs to work even more complicated to create their ads as significantly as possible to keep the attention of their target audience.

In theory, this makes sense, so long as the ads in each group are all on the same page. However, if a user types in a query like “car rental,” and yet your ad displays the words “car hire” in the headline, they may not see the relevance and click on it.

In the previous example, you would have different ad groups for ‘car hire’ and ‘car rental,’ each with matching keywords and ad copy, to ensure the ads are as relevant as possible to the keyword that triggered them.

The PPC management services in Mumbai feature the keywords prominently, both in the headline and the description.

4. Constantly Striving for the Top Spot

Every PPC agency in Mumbai, whether they are working on their own or their client’s campaigns, has one goal in mind: to have their ads appear first in search results. Despite how alluring it may be, a common PPC blunder is to focus solely on achieving the top position.

Some businesses can’t afford to pay more than $10 per month for the top spot on Google for highly competitive keywords. Instead of trying to win the race to the top, it’s usually more competent to concentrate on increasing your return on investment. Even if you’re not in the number one spot, you can still get a lot of traffic and save money by being in the two or three areas below it.

5. Not making the most of one’s audience

A PPC service provider in Mumbai has carefully organised your campaigns and ad groups, with persuasive advertorials and negative keyword lists. But are you effectively optimising them for a particular audience?

But regarding target markets, Google has two primary choices: assessment and target specific. Key audiences should be overlaid on your initiatives in an analysis setting so that PPC agencies in Mumbai can measure how effective they are.

In addition, Google compiles lists of affinity, and in-market users based on web users’ interest signals gleaned from their web behavior, allowing you to target these groups with your marketing efforts more precisely.

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6. Having no idea how much a single customer is worth

Not fully understanding the lifetime value of a customer is another major blunder made by many paid search marketers. A PPC marketing agency in Mumbai needs to keep close tabs on your indicators and numbers if you want to make a successful and profitable campaign.

Metrics and data are crucial to the success of any PPC management services in Mumbai. Making a mistake with the numbers can lead to financial loss. In contrast, wasting money on paid advertisements is possible if you don’t invest enough. Having a firm grasp of crucial metrics and numbers before launching a campaign is essential for a PPC agency in Mumbai.

7. Slow website

Google found that if a webpage takes 5 seconds to load, it tends to increase the website traffic by 90% compared to a page that loads in 1 second. Having a quick website is essential if you want to maximise the return on investment from PPC services in Mumbai.

Google may reimburse you for visitors who abandon the page before it loads, but what about the visitors who give up waiting too long to submit a form?

Every PPC service provider in Mumbai should check the site’s speed on both desktop and mobile devices. It can improve the ROI of your pay-per-click advertising campaigns and provide a positive experience for site visitors.

8. Not vying for your brand’s search terms

PPC services in Mumbai can play an essential role in preserving a company’s good name in the eyes of consumers, a concept known as “brand equity.”

Bidding on own-brand terms is a practise that is often misunderstood. Although brand owners may assume they will naturally rank higher in organic search results. Thus, receiving more clicks without paying for them is not always the case.

Numerous options are available to lessen the money wasted on unnecessary clicks. But Beedev India provides the most efficient strategies because it automates the whole process. As a result, you can concentrate on ad optimization and management.

If you want to see how much money you may save each month on advertising, reach out to Beedev India for the best PPC services in Mumbai.

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